Welcome to the innovative collection by Pública Rework on, where artistic evolution takes centre stage. Delve into the extraordinary art pieces meticulously crafted by Pública Rework, exploring the intriguing concept of extending and creating new masterpieces from existing artworks.


In their own words, "Remixes, mash-ups, remastering, and reworks are usual in other categories of the art world, so this is what we do with art."


Embrace the intersection of tradition and modernity, where each creation is a unique story born from the dynamic interplay of creative reinterpretation.


Their collection invites you to witness the transformative journey of Pública Rework, where every art print stands as an example of the boundless possibilities of reimagining art. Immerse yourself in the beauty of their reinterpretations and discover a new era of artistic expression.


Here's their collection & Read more about Pública Rework on our artist page.