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Patterns of Ancient Life Colour Morris Pedersen - Pública Rework

Patterns of Ancient Life Colour Morris Pedersen - Pública Rework

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Patterns of Ancient Life explores the forgotten time. A time for a long time ago, that we, only from small pieces, can get glimpses to see how was and how it looked like. This, however, creates room for imagination and fascination. Even though, with advance technologies, we're still debating and know little from this world before our time. It’s almost like seeing through a keyhole. This magical world full of giants and also a reminder, that time is temporary and we were not the first to be here. Recent studies that there actually have been 5 mass extinctions over the times on this precious planet, we call home.

The fine and delicate art nouveau patterns from William Morris creates a brilliant constant and balance to significant elements of the t-rex and thoughts related to this. A perfect mixture of art and fact. A perfect balance of imagination and science.

The colour editions are in colourful backgrounds.

This art print is created with elements from Larkspur (1874) by William Morris (1834 –1896) & T-rex ( (2012) Alan Pedersen

All art prints are carefully crafted.

The art print is printed on Fine Art Freja paper 265 g to provide the best quality and to emphasise the colours.

*Frame is only for illustration purpose and not included. - Frame illustration based on 50cm x 70cm.


Every art piece is carefully crafted from scratch through several methods, techniques and materials. This can often be found in the description for the specific print.


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