Welcome to NOKUKO – Creative Space, an online art gallery curating selected art and prints. NOKUKO is home to Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK, SOAL Studio & Pública Rework. We offer handpicked exclusive paintings, art, and photo prints from artists worldwide, crafted with thought, feeling, and passion.

NOKUKO represents NOrdisk KUnst KØbenhavn (Copenhagen, Denmark), reflecting our origin and essence.


We embrace diversity, cultures, and the beauty of the world while supporting environmental sustainability. For every print sold, we donate to plant trees, completing the environmental circle.


Our goal is to evoke curiosity, thoughtfulness, and pleasure through our artists' pieces and photographs, igniting a spectrum of emotions within you.


For us, meaningful original art is the creative essence of why NOKUKO exists. We recognize art's worldwide impact and its need for creative and explorative characteristics. With the gallery's origin in Scandinavia, art (and design) is a cliché way of life, resonating incredibly well in this context. The enormous interest in art also means high expectations, whether it's a painting, print, or photograph—it must include reflections, tell stories, and offer depth. It can best be described as a cultural way of viewing life, where life is art, and art is life.

At NOKUKO, we aim to elevate this concept by offering a wide range of the best-crafted art by our home artists, Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK, SOAL Studio, and Pública Rework. Therefore, you'll also find specially selected art pieces inspired by the entire world.

NOKUKO's vision is to make original crafted art accessible worldwide, whether it's unique paintings, art, or photo prints. We maintain a focus on stories, reflection, and communication through art and photography.

Our mission is to ensure everyone globally can acquire our represented art with ease. We're proud to represent our talented artists and their masterpieces.


We believe in our collective responsibility to nurture a greener world and contribute positively to the environment. At NOKUKO, sustainability is paramount in our approach to art and photo prints. We print only upon purchase to minimise the unnecessary resource waste and prioritise sustainably sourced materials in our production processes.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is ingrained in our art and business philosophy. We continuously strive to enhance our practices for the betterment of our customers, artists,.. and Mother Nature.

Each of us bears the responsibility to champion sustainability. At NOKUKO, we also embrace a social-economic strategy aimed at giving back. So for every artwork purchased, whether print or original, we pledge to plant new trees, completing the environmental cycle. Additionally, we support select social causes such as WWF and Red Cross, amplifying our dedication to making a positive impact.




"NOKUKO is created with the passion for art, photography and the beautiful diverted creativity around it. We offer selected original art and prints to people, who wants more and understand the appreciation and acknowledgement of art and creation.We deliver true thoughts, passion, emotions and stories through exclusive original art and prints."

- Alan Pedersen - Founding Partner and Artist on NOKUKO.com


Explore our complete collection of original art and prints, where you'll discover a diverse array of inspiring masterpieces spanning various art styles and crafted using unique methods and sources. Each piece encapsulates profound thoughts, reflections, feelings, passion, and stories.

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