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Patterns of Ancient Life Morris Pedersen - Light Edition by Pública Rework

Patterns of Ancient Life Morris Pedersen - Light Edition by Pública Rework

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This is the Light Edition of "Patterns of Ancient Life" by Pública Rework.

"Patterns of Ancient Life" delves into forgotten epochs, offering glimpses into a distant past shrouded in mystery and wonder. Despite technological advancements, this era remains elusive, inviting imagination and fascination akin to peering through a keyhole. It's a realm of ancient giants, a poignant reminder of our transient existence amidst the Earth's history, marked by five mass extinctions. But it's now our home.

William Morris's (1834 –1896) intricate art nouveau patterns provide a timeless backdrop, juxtaposed with the formidable presence of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, symbolizing a fusion of art and paleontological fact. This print embodies a harmonious blend of imagination and scientific inquiry.

Featuring elements from William Morris's "Larkspur" (1874) and Alan Pedersen's "T-rex" (2012), this print is meticulously crafted and printed on Fine Art Freja paper (265 g) for optimal quality and colour reproduction.

The frame is for illustrative purposes only and is not included.


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