Welcome to SOAL Studio, where creativity knows no bounds. Nestled in Copenhagen, Denmark, SOAL is more than a space; it's a collaborative sanctuary where artists unite under the banner of love and creativity. With no frames, just pure creativity, SOAL sets trends and celebrates diversity. Join us in a world where art flourishes, unrestricted and bound only by the vast expanse of creative freedom.
It's more than love and soul.. it's soal.
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🌟 Let's have a look at 2 of their art pieces 🌟 

Ocean Dreams by SOAL Studio
Ocean Dreams" is a hand-drawn art piece inspired by the captivating world of anime and Japanese art style. The drawings are carefully crafted with a touch of Scandinavian influence - making it a unique fusion of artistic elements.
Available in Two Editions:
  1. Great Reef Edition: Dark Navy purple and light blue tones.
  2. South Sea Edition: More a yellow/greenish with red tones.
Ocean Dreams by SOAL Studio

Building Colours by SOAL Studio 
"Building Colours" is a testament to the art of harmonious geometry and the play of vibrant shades. In this piece, every colour is meticulously chosen to harmonise with the others, resulting in a visually dynamic expression
Available in Two Editions:
  1. Sunrise: Full of colours as a sunny morning.
  2. Dusk: A range of beautiful night colours plus more.
Building Colours by Soal Studio blogpost

Art with Purpose For every print sold, a tree will be planted, contributing to a greener planet.
Quality Assurance Our art prints are meticulously crafted on Fine Art Freja paper, ensuring the highest quality. Each print bears SOAL Studio mark, a testament to authenticity and exclusivity.
Please note: Frame shown is for display only and not included.
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