15% off on all Alan Pedersen's art prints next week, and the winner of the giveaway has been announced.

15% off on all Alan Pedersen's art prints next week, and the winner of the giveaway has been announced.

The winner of Alan Pedersen - Alantherock's giveaway has been announced. Congratulations to Maria on winning the art piece! We're thrilled to have you as part of our community.
A big thank you to everyone who participated; your support is truly appreciated.
The celebration continues! Even if you weren't the lucky winner of Alan Pedersen - Alantherock's Belated Birthday Instagram Giveaway, you still have the chance to benefit from this offer. For the next week, in collaboration with Alan, we're extending this special offer to you.

15% off on Alan Pedersen's entire art print collection. 

*The price reduction will automatically apply when you add your preferred art print to the basket.*

 Screenprint-mar2024-alantherock-nokuko for blogpost


This 15% giveaway offer ends on Sunday, April 7th, 2024.

So don't wait; visit Alan Pedersen's art print collection on NOKUKO.com to find an amazing art piece for your space. Note that some prints are limited editions and available in limited quantities.
Discover a wide variety of spectacular art prints carefully crafted by Alan Pedersen, each with its own unique story and creative process. They are artworks that provoke thought and captivate the eye, offering wonders for the mind and soul.

This could for example be:

Unexplored Horizon by Alan Pedersen

NOKUKO - Art - Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK - Unexplored horizon - Limited edition - mockup front

 Unexplored Horizon(s) by Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK offer their most captivating vistas from above, granting a glimpse into distant realms and stirring the adventurous spirit within. Yet, such panoramas also unveil the daunting peaks awaiting conquest. While some valleys may charm with their beauty, others pose formidable challenges. Each valley, a unique chapter of the journey, offers moments of both delight and struggle. Keep your head high, for everyone faces their own mountains, with each summit revealing yet another breathtaking vista.

See this art print here.


Recognition - Listen to Myself by Alan Pedersen

NOKUKO - Art - Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK - Recognition - Listen to myself - limited edition - mockup front

Recognition - ‘Listen to Myself’ by Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK, is part of the Listen, a Fine Balance series.
A fundamental aspect of self-awareness involves "Recognition". Recognizing both the strengths and weaknesses within oneself and others. Imperfection is inherent to humanity, yet embracing and acknowledging it opens doors to growth and resilience.

See this art print and more here.


This is a few of the extraordinary and magnificent art prints by Alan Pedersen - Alantherock.

Explore Alan Pedersen - Alantherock's entire art collection on NOKUKO.com here



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