Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK birthday giveaway 2024

Celebrate with Us: Belated Birthday Art Giveaway from Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK!

We're thrilled to announce Alan's annual tradition—a belated birthday art giveaway brought to you by NOKUKO and our talented artist, Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK. This year, you have the opportunity to win a stunning 50cmx70cm art print crafted personally by Alan himself. 🎨🦚✨

Here's how to participate:

  • Like the giveaway post on his Instagram page.
  • Follow @alantherock to stay updated on his creative journey.
  • Leave a positive comment on the post, and feel free to tag friends who share your love for art. Let's spread the joy! ✨🍀

 - You'll find the Instagram post here -

 - and Alan's Instagram profile here - 

One lucky winner will be selected randomly from all the comments—a fantastic opportunity to add a masterpiece to your collection. 🤩

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our followers and supporters for being integral to Alan's creative journey. 🤗🙏 What better way to celebrate his recent birthday than by offering you the chance to win a beautiful art print? 🎁☀️

In collaboration with NOKUKO, Alan is excited to present one lucky winner with a 50x70cm art print valued between €200 to €390. Explore Alan's captivating artwork at 📷✨

Save the date: On Thursday, March 21st, 2024, Alan will announce the winner on his Instagram story and on NOKUKO's account: @nokuko_art. If you're the fortunate recipient, Alan will personally reach out to you for further details.

Participation in this giveaway is completely free. By entering, you consent to Alan and us contacting you for the necessary information to deliver your prize securely. Rest assured, your privacy is our priority. 😊

Wishing all participants a day filled with joy and the best of luck. Let the celebration begin! 🍀✌️😊

Find Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK's art print collection here.

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