New Print - A love letter to Copenhagen by Alan Pedersen, Alantherock

New Print - A love letter to Copenhagen by Alan Pedersen, Alantherock

New Print - Copenhagen - From Sunset to Sunrise and København - Fra solnedgang til daggry.


New photo print from Alan Pedersen - Alantherock. The print consists of great long exposure photos, that Alan has taken of his home city over the last couple of years. All photos which are shot from different places in Copenhagen during sunset, night & sunrise.

This Collection print is available in both English and Danish. Where there in the upper left corner is either written Copenhagen or København(Copenhagen in Danish). Both versions are available with 4 different backgrounds - Black, White, Rose & Dark Oak.


The Love Letter.

Copenhagen, My wonderful home city and the capital of Denmark. So many memories. You have always been a lovely companion throughout time. Both in good times and less good. You have so many things and places to offer and so many stories to tell. Full of life and always with open arms. I can travel the world and love doing so. But you will always have a special place in my heart.  

I could write several books about you. But I have instead put together some photographs, which I have collected over the last couple of years in this ‘From sunset to sunrise’ print. It’s another side of you, but whatever you’re wearing, you will always shine and look beautiful.  

With love,  


Copenhagen - From sunset to sunrise

See the print here

Copenhagen - Dark Oak

Copenhagen - Dark Oak

København - Rose

København - Rose


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