New art - Listen, a Fine Balance by Alan Pedersen, Alantherock

New art - Listen, a Fine Balance by Alan Pedersen, Alantherock

Do you actually listen.. to yourself and others?

Listen, a fine balance

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New art by Alan Pedersen - Alantherock. The overall title for this personal art series is_ Listen - A fine Balance. The series covers 3 states of mind and consists of 4 limited art pieces, each in two colour combinations. Each variant will be available in a limited amount of 300 pieces. In addition, one unlimited art piece will be available in 8 colour combination. All art pieces work alone or together.


Inspiration & the thoughts behind the art.

Does art create itself? In Alan's opinion, partly yes -  if you let art take control. The theme usually appears in the process and takes over the creation. Alan only knows how and where to start - but he never knows the result

"I always lay a part of myself into all my art. I believe, that art becomes more interesting and relatable, if something personal is given to it. It contributes to its depth and existence. I have learned to lower my barricades and create a creative space/sanctuary - a playground for my thoughts and emotions. Where restraint, fear and worries( also regarding other people's thoughts) do not exist. Where only the essence and reflections remain and grow" says Alan.

In this series, Listen and the fine balance associated with it become the main art topic. The balance between listen to yourself and listen to people around you. This is the essence of these new art pieces.

We, as human beings, possess many variants within. We all have many different sides of us, that we balance between. Every side depends on our story, time, place, condition, who we are and who's around us. We move both consciously and unconsciously between all variations. Variations, we're created and shaped by - We all have good and less good sides. But we also always the opportunity to develop ourselves through Listening.


The Art Pieces

Listening opens up a palette of thoughts, feelings and reflections, which resulted in a more comprehensive art project. A palette including the entire spectrum - from pain and grief to pride and strength. But it also resulted in some incredible personal art. Art pieces divided into 3 areas and from several aspects_

Listen to yourself (Limited Edition):

The courage to listen to yourself. Many people may relate to the doubt of their own abilities and capacity. Where it can feel like you're not yourself anymore. It may be to accommodate other people’s expectations or the expectations you think other people have of you. Often is only something, which is in line with your own world and not necessarily that of others.

This can be people around you, such as family, friends, colleagues and partners. But it can also be the missing connection to yourself and 'forgets' to listen. Sometimes perhaps good, where you need that extra push. Other times, you may end up losing yourself on uncertain grounds feeling we had to compromise on our values. The first two works are about listening to yourself and the dialogue within.


Trust. Trust in yourself. Trust, that you in any given situation, will do what's best based on your current knowledge and trust your decision. Believe that you're more than good enough.

Mistakes, hard times and unfortunate episodes will happen. It's part of life. But you will learn and move on. You must have confidence in, that you will grow better and wiser. Trust your options. In other words, trusting yourself is essential - Both for you, but also the fact, that if you don't trust yourself - why should others do?

It is also interesting how often distrust to others is based on people's own insecurity. Perhaps an area, that we all constantly should focus on and getting better to do.


A fundamental part of listening to yourself. First and foremost the acknowledgement of, that all people including you have good and less good sides.

No one is perfect and we're all just humans. By recognition and acceptance, your opportunities for strength and improvement opens up.

Remember to listen & acknowledge any mistakes and pain, that you cause. This settles the foundation for reflection and to see opportunities for improvement. But what's even more significant is to recognize your successes. When you're doing great and creates value both for you and others.

Remember to acknowledge yourself and the positive value, that you create. Recognise your own existence and success. 

Self-recognition /self-love is vital.

listen-interior-BWlogo (1 of 17).jpg

Listen to You (Limited Edition): 

Listening is a fine balance  -  and listen to people, who cares and loves you, is also important.

 It's important in the sense, that you don’t get trapped and only focus on yourself. To maintain the connection between you and the world around you. To have confidence in that other people only want, what's best for you. By listening to what they are really saying - and there's a difference between what actually communicating and what you think, that they're saying. To emphasise the art and external dialogue. Has the lovely people from Alan's Instagram_ @alantherock chosen the colour combination of these two art pieces. Here everyone could comment and request the colours, which should be used.


Devotion is here defined as the true feeling of care and sympathy for you and your being. Devotion from people, who love and care about you.

It's shown in several ways - The appreciation of you and them. All have different ways to communicate and not all done obviously. But devotion does still exist. It can come from present people in your life, such as family, friends and partners. But it can also still comes from people, who are not yet in your life or former relations. Perhaps they might have tried to communicate with you. It's always easy to point fingers - but if you instead go with the idea, that you both at some point loved each other. Devotion can be found in many places.

Sometimes it's worth to stop up and listen to people around you.


This art piece is about growing and developing you as a person. We have different sides to ourselves.

It's crucial to keep our good sides. But sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish whether it's a good side, we should keep or a side we want to cling on to under the excuse 'we shouldn't change ourselves'. There are some sides, that we might need to let go, change or improve. It can be a painful process, especially if its a fundamental part of us. But also a liberating and constructive process.

In some cases, you might also have to let something or someone go - For the development to take place.

"Earlier in my life, I quickly learned to armour and take care of myself. I built up a perception of, what 'perfect' was - a perception, which was far from the truth. The armour protected me, but it also made it difficult for other people to reach my vulnerable sides. It created a facade, which to some people could seem cold. But it wasn't. It's a side of me, that I chose to change and improve. A change which took time and was painful. By lowering your shield and increasing your vulnerability, you might get hit. But it also opens you up for positive experiences.” Says Alan.

Symphony of Senses

Symphony of Senses is available in 8 different colour combinations. The art piece finds its inspiration from all thoughts related to the creation. All emotions and senses are evoked in the process and turned upside down if you listen. From almost euphoric, excitement and uplifting to the deepest pain, sorrow and despair.  Explore the symphony of chaos, where everything flows in context.

listen-interior-paint2 (1).jpg

The Creation Process

Each art piece is handcrafted from scratch. A creation in mixed media - it's created in various media and composed into these unique art pieces.

Hand-drawn lines and added texture from different photographs. This contributes to more depth and the correct personal style. Hand-drawn shadows have been overlaid afterwards. The background itself created from graphic colour, a bit watercolour and texture.

The limited-edition motifs are created by acrylic paint to get the correct layer feeling and composition.

Everything composed in a digital 70cm x 100 cm format to maintain the colours, depth and sharpness. This makes the art piece keep the authentic appearance and impossible to distinguish print from the painting. - The colour combinations of 'Listen to Myself' are carefully selected by artist - The colour combinations of 'Listen to you' are based on requests from Instagram_ @alantherock. - All motifs and designs are created by Alan Pedersen - Alantherock.

All Limited Edition art pieces have the artist’s signature and marked with 1/300 - this means 1 print of the 300 prints in the series. A donation will be given to plant 2 trees for each print sold.

The art print is printed on Fine Art Freja paper 265 g to provide the best quality and to emphasise the colours. Every art print is marked with Alan Pedersen – Alantherocks signature.

All art prints have the artist’s signature.

More information about the artist and the art_  - English   - Danish

- For Danish version click here -

Listen, a Fine Balance

The new art series from Alan Pedersen - Alantherock









Symphony of Senses

Symphony of Senses


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