New Art and New Limited Editions

New Art and New Limited Editions

New art from Brainchild, StayCute Illustration, Oliver Ørskov and Hanne Laland

After some busy weeks - We can now present a range of new prints to you. New design prints from Brainchild and StayCute Illustration. New photo prints from Oliver Ørskov and new art prints from Hanne Laland.


In addition to Brainchilds existing Series I. You can now find the new design of the flowerpot, both the classic interpretation and in line art design. The green version is limited season edition and will end its production end of February

Click on the picture to see the new prints from Brainchild.



The new illustration from StayCute Illustration is called Heart and its a different style than her previous illustrations. In this art piece, StayCute Illustration has created it in Pointillism, which is a technique, where the work consists of multiple dots.

Click on the picture to see her new illustration


Trinitatis, London and Berlin

The new photo prints from Oliver Ørskov are Trinitatis, London and Berlin. The photos take around Europe and show brilliant captured photos with incredible lines. Some of them almost cross it over to be examples of minimalists art pieces, full of atmosphere.

Click on the picture to see the new prints from Oliver Ørskov.


Serenity I & II & Let go (limited edition)

The new art prints Serenity I & II from Hanne Laland are carefully crafted through methods and techniques, which has been used across the Asian continent from ancient time. Where this particular art piece takes its inspiration from Japan and is painted created with Sumie ink (Japanese ink) and Asian calligraphy paintbrushes.

Let go is a really personal art piece from Hanne Laland and reflects the relationship between mother and daughter… And about letting go.

This exclusive limited print is originally created by acrylic paint on canvas and is only 400 prints are available.

The art print is signed by the artist and marked.

All prints are printed on Fine Art Freja paper 265 g to emphasise the colours.

Click on the photo to see the new prints from Hanne Laland


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