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When Forces collide by Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK - Unique Art Piece -

When Forces collide by Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK - Unique Art Piece -

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Original Art Piece

Exclusive acrylic painting with hand-drawn details by Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK.

Unique art - Only 1 available - original painting.

Title: When Forces Collide


Thoughts from the artist:

"Forces occasionally collide, evolving into something beautiful. These can be the forces of nature and the clash of elements. It may be magnificent and overwhelming, or even frightening and unsafe—sometimes both simultaneously. This collision of forces is inspiring and fascinating, filled with contrasts. It arises seemingly from nothing, flourishing into greatness or fading back into nothingness. I aim to spark observers' thoughts, encouraging them to draw parallels of their own, while leaving the rest open to interpretation." says Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK.


The creation process:

Carefully crafted with water-based acrylic paint and markers to complement each other and highlight the collision, this artwork blends dark and bright colors in a brilliant combination. An abstract painting that invites exploration, with organic details on the painted canvas capturing the observer's eye. The nuances of colors lend both calmness and dynamism to this original piece of art, promising to intrigue every observer.
To verify the originality is Beneath the surface signed by Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK and marked as an original by the artist himself.


The dimensions of the painting are 50cm x 50cm (approximately 19.69 inches x 19.69 inches).

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK and his recent art pieces - "Beneath the Surface," "Between Worlds," and "When Forces Collide," you can read our blog post.

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