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Wavy Rose - SOAL Studio

Wavy Rose - SOAL Studio

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Wavyrose" is an art piece created through photography that captures the intricate textures found in nature. Each photograph has been carefully edited to enhance the details and colour combinations. This collection reflects the beauty that spans the seasons, from the vibrancy of a summer rose to the frosty serenity of winter grass, highlighting the striking contrast between nature's opposing elements.

For every print sold, a tree will be planted as a gesture of our commitment to nature.

Printed on Fine Art Freja paper (265 g), our art prints guarantee the highest quality, accentuating vibrant colours.

All art prints bear the distinctive mark of SOAL Studio.

(Note: Frame is for illustration purposes only and is not included.)


Every art piece is carefully crafted from scratch through several methods, techniques and materials. This can often be found in the description for the specific print.


Choose your preferred dimensions further up on this site. The dimensions available depend on the specific art or photo print.

Prints at NOKUKO vary from 30cmx40cm, A(42cmx59,4cm) 50cmx40cm & 70cmx100cm.

Care Information.

We're thinking sustainability.

A donation will be given to plant 1-2 trees for each print sold.

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