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Prominent Peacock by Alan Pedersen - Alantherock

Prominent Peacock by Alan Pedersen - Alantherock

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Do you revel in the world of colours? The peacock, a magnificent creature adorned in vibrant hues, stands as a living testament to nature's artistry. Are you drawn to stories and history that envelop you like a warm embrace? Lisboa, Portugal with its kaleidoscope of colours, tales, history, and the regal presence of peacocks, inspired Alan to craft his masterpiece, "Prominent Peacock." Within this artwork lies a tale of pride and love, entwined with his personal touch, exuding joy and positivity. These stories come alive through hand-drawn objects, and acrylic paint atop the vibrant Lisboa tiles, known as Azulejos.

Artist's Thoughts:

Art isn't just a part of our history; it's ingrained in the tapestry of our lives and our connections with one another. The peacock, with its captivating plumage, narrates its own tale. When it unfurls its magnificent feathers, it stands tall and proud, a living canvas of colours. Even when it conceals its grandeur, the beauty remains, waiting to emerge. Lost feathers, too, have their purpose, spreading joy elsewhere. Alan leaves a part of the story untold, inviting reflection. Why are some feathers grand while others are delicate? Perhaps it mirrors the positive vibes and experiences we share and scatter throughout life. Some feathers fall to the ground, others soar, and some hover in the delicate balance between ascent and descent. Behind the peacock, lies the Azulejos tiles, each bearing a unique narrative etched in colours and intricate details. Could they represent different phases in our lives? These tiles grace every corner, murmuring stories, leaving you spellbound by their beauty.


Day Edition: Experience the original Azulejos tiles in their daytime splendour, infused with Alan's unique personal contribution inspired by the peacock and its feathers.

Night Edition: Immerse yourself in the funky and artistic reinterpretation of the peacock, feathers, and tiles, illuminated by the moonlight.

Dream Edition: This edition, influenced by feedback and comments from Alan's Instagram friends, allows you to personalize the art pieces. The peacock and Azulejos come alive with colours from lovely feedback, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Explore more on Alan's Instagram profile: @alantherock.

Creation Method and Techniques:

Alan embarked on a journey to Lisbon, capturing the essence of Azulejos tiles through his lens. With painstaking attention, he enhanced each tile's original colours and aesthetics through skilled editing. The peacock and feathers were meticulously crafted using acrylic paint, drawing, and photo texture. The brush strokes and colours were carefully chosen to narrate his own story and tales, creating a harmonious complement. He then masterfully blended them into this brilliant photography artistic print, ready to infuse your surroundings with a burst of colours and profound contemplation. This artwork is a colourful, personal narrative, an invitation for endless exploration, filling your space with wonder and joy.

All motifs and designs are created by Alan Pedersen-Alantherock.

Instagram: @alantherock

As a symbol of our commitment to nature, a tree will be planted for each print sold, contributing to a greener planet.

The art print is meticulously crafted on Fine Art Freja paper, 265 g eco, ensuring the highest quality to accentuate the vivid colours and handcrafted artistry. Each print proudly bears the unmistakable signature of Alan Pedersen-Alantherock, a testament to authenticity and exclusivity.

Please note that the frame shown in the illustration is for display purposes only and is not included in the art print. The art print illustration is based on a size of 70 cm x 100 cm.


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