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Liberate - Alan Pedersen - Alantherock

Liberate - Alan Pedersen - Alantherock

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Liberate contains both a positive and negative feeling, which most people can relate to.

Most can relate to letting go of something or someone? Liberate yourself or detaching yourself from something, which might have seemed good or less good? It could be of being persistent and finally reach the target. It could also indicate the feeling of grasping after something which is out of reach? Or liberate yourself from a past, which held you back? or simply reach out. These are some suggestions, what do you see?

This artwork is carefully crafted with thoughts from scratch by using acrylic paint and drawing combined with texture, photographs and graphic shapes. This is done and created through different techniques. The art print is signed by the artist and printed on Fine Art Freja paper 265 g to emphasise the colours.

This exclusive print will only be available in 500 prints - which is marked by 1/500 - It refers to 1 out of 500 prints. The mark is located next to the artists signature.

*Frame is only for illustration and not included.


Every art piece is carefully crafted from scratch through several methods, techniques and materials. This can often be found in the description for the specific print.


Choose your preferred dimensions further up on this site. The dimensions available depend on the specific art or photo print.

Prints at NOKUKO vary from 30cmx40cm, A(42cmx59,4cm) 50cmx40cm & 70cmx100cm.

Care Information.

We're thinking sustainability.

A donation will be given to plant 1-2 trees for each print sold.

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