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Finding Paths - Grey Edition - Alan Pedersen - Alantherock

Finding Paths - Grey Edition - Alan Pedersen - Alantherock

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Have you found your path or which path do you prefer? Finding Paths is a new series from Alan Pedersen – Alantherock.

The art piece is available in four different versions to emphasize, that there’s always several paths and opportunities to follow.

Paths will variant from time to time and from place to place. Even the same path can change over time depending on how we perceive it. Is it an expression of desperately finding a way on the fragile ground through tough times, where each path seems ruthless and frustrating? Or is it when we are on top of the world, full of confidence where new paths constantly open up and we have the energy, resources to choose a path and determine if is the right path of us.

Is it a path with space to develop us into better versions of ourself or is its paths, we’re forced to take.

The four versions of this inspiring and personal art pieces are Grey, Rose, Blue and Dark Green. Which paths will you choose and follow? And are these the right paths.. for you?

This artwork is carefully crafted with thoughts from scratch by using acrylic paint, coffee painting, watercolour, drawing combined with texture, photographs and graphic shapes. This is done and created through different techniques. The art print is printed on Fine Art Freja paper 265 g to emphasise the colours. Every art print is marked with Alan Pedersen – Alantherocks signature.

*Frame is only for illustration purpose and not included. - Frame illustration based on 30cmx40cm.


Every art piece is carefully crafted from scratch through several methods, techniques and materials. This can often be found in the description for the specific print.


Choose your preferred dimensions further up on this site. The dimensions available depend on the specific art or photo print.

Prints at NOKUKO vary from 30cmx40cm, A(42cmx59,4cm) 50cmx40cm & 70cmx100cm.

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A donation will be given to plant 1-2 trees for each print sold.

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