New abstract art (4 Editions) by Alan Pedersen, Alantherock

New abstract art (4 Editions) by Alan Pedersen, Alantherock

Finding Paths is the title of the new art piece..

and there are many thoughts behind it.


The inspiration behind as the title describes 'finding paths'. This can both meant externally and from within. For good and for worse.

Throughout life, are we constantly finding new and existing paths. Sometimes we even follow the same in a new light or crosses others from past times.

Sometimes we either walk alone or need to walk it alone. But other times we walk along with someone.

Some paths lead us to new people, other times old friends or no one.

Some paths even choose us instead of the other way around.

Some paths do we choose of own will and others are we forced to take.

I could keep on describing this art piece. But I leave it here and hopefully, it makes sense. Nevertheless are there often more than one path and sometimes it’s the journey itself for example when I created this art piece, which has been in development for several months.

This doesn't necessarily mean that I want to tell the whole story, because I also want the observer to create their own story and path. And if they get something completely different out of the art piece. Then it’s perfectly fine - that’s why it’s abstract and how’s perceived shouldn’t be dictated.

But there is a story and countless thoughts behind. I have chosen to create it 4 four versions of this art piece. Where every colour combination is carefully selected. This is to emphasize the different paths and that by choosing, have you’re already taken the first step on your journey.

- Alan Pedersen - Alantherock

See the four editions of Finding Path here

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