A warm welcome to our newest member of NOKUKO_ Flying Fuck

A warm welcome to our newest member of NOKUKO_ Flying Fuck

New international art concept to the NOKUKO_ We're proud to present Flying Fuck.

NOKUKO’s mission of embracing the beautiful diversity of this world. This is definitely been done by now offering art from the Flying Fuck, which are created from artistesses and artists from all over the world. The idea behind the concept is simple - good intentions and no limits.


We constantly moving towards delivering even more high-quality exclusive prints from a variety of rising and professional artists and photographer. Now we have expanded our range of outstanding art prints with some inspirational and sometimes provocative art pieces from the world of Flying Fuck. Their art pieces strive to push barriers - Some are powerful and some are fun. Part of the concept is no limits and therefore are their not bound to one art style.

We want to offer a variety of inspirational and interesting art with different approaches and styles and we now can offer even more to our quality-conscious enthusiasts.

With their own description_

Flying Fuck

Flying Fuck is a collaboration between several artistesses & artists around the world. Unknown as part of the concept to emphasise the brand's unity. The framework is that there are no frames - no restrictions, no bullshit, no specific art style. Where there basically can be created anything without any limitations. It's all about equality, diversity, women empowerment, empathy, self-love and breaking barriers. This is done through art and sometimes of 'more provocative' characters. Re(new)think the norms and existing patterns of our thinking and perceptions. Push it forward without fears and hesitations. Simply not giving a Flying Fuck... perhaps with some champagne on top.

Few samples from Flying Fuck’s collection


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