Ask your Instagram Friends - New PhotoArt from ALANTHEROCK

Ask your Instagram Friends - New PhotoArt from ALANTHEROCK

Three new fantastic photos have been added to our collection. Alantherock’s Instagram friends chose among his photos.

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..And what great pictures have they voted for. Among several hundred photos on his Instagram account_ @alantherock - It ended with Cherry blossom - Sakura Season 2019, Winter Sunset & Narrow Streets of Copenhagen.

“I have an idea of what photos I want for sale. But why not sometimes listen to friends, audience and customers? Instagram story is a perfect tool for getting feedback. So it seems like a great way to get in touch and listen” says Alan regarding the method of choosing the three photos.

The three photos also contain a quite large variation to them_

  • Cherry blossom - Sakura season 2019 is always a favourite with good reason. The cherry blossom trees from Copenhagen is simply incredible and Alan captures it so well.

  • Winter Sunset is captured at Christianshavn, Copenhagen with a beautiful reflection from the water and the windows to an already stunning sunset.

  • Narrow Streets of Copenhagen is from Copenhagen as well. Here the old and not least colourful buildings show their real beauty.

Here’s the three new photos

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