Insta-Art (Art from our Instagram) - free wallpapers for your mobilephone.

Insta-Art (Art from our Instagram) - free wallpapers for your mobilephone.

You may already be following us on our Instagram account - nokuko_art. Otherwise, you’ll find the link here.

Here we have plenty of activities. So follow us, so you don’t miss anything. Also, remember to tag us and/or use hashtag #nokukoart on your Instagram posts of your art. Maybe your art will be featured and seen.

Right now we’re focusing on Autumn inspired art.

One of the other activities on Instagram is our InstaArt, which is art directed to our Instagram feed. But we have decided to also offer some of it as free download wallpapers for your mobile phone.

Here’s the first one package. Just tap on it on the ones, that you like and download it to your mobile achieve. It’s completely free.

Thanks and you’re welcome :)

Instagram account_ nokuko_art

Hashtag: nokukoart

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