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Gaia - Flying Fuck

Gaia - Flying Fuck

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Gaia is our goddess of earth and life in general. She represents life, persistence, wisdom, responsibility, motherhood, diversity, compassion, strong will and creativity. She's like no other and persistent towards every goal she sets. She embraces diversity and creativity. She loves everyone as they are and find the best and beauty in all beings. All is here for a reason. But she also has the most lovable personality - Full of compassion, love and solid as a rock. She's always there when needed. But she also knows her own worth and she will tell if you have crossed any of her lines. The world wouldn't be the same without her.

The Goddess series - Gaia is part of the series, goddesses. The series is all about indicating your inner strength, courage, beauty and wisdom. In other words, you're inner goddess, god, queen or something else. The series finds inspiration from tremendous forces of nature and strong female characters throughout the world's history. Where all of them has her own ability, attributes, heritage, story and personality. But they all have something in common - They are Goddesses.

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The art print is printed on Fine Art Freja paper 265 g to provide the best quality and to emphasise the colours.

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*Frame is only for illustration purpose and not included. - Frame illustration based on 50cmx70cm.


Every art piece is carefully crafted from scratch through several methods, techniques and materials. This can often be found in the description for the specific print.


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