local currency

The transfer is still done in Euro. But we always try to give our customer the best service and strive to create the best experience on our website. Now you know, what you approx. have to pay in your preferred currency. Our feature uses today’s exchange rate and is updated daily to give you the most precise exchange rate. If you can’t find your preferred currency. Please contact us through the contact form and we will add it to our dropdown menu.

All this also gives you the opportunity for both with a credit card or PayPal - so you have as many options as possible.

You’re also always welcome to contact us, if there’s anything that we can help you with. We speak English and Danish plus understand Norwegian and Swedish.

Artist’s prices

The prices on our website is set together with the artists themself and therefore you’ll best prices.

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Tax & Shipping prices

Tax is included in product prices

We constantly strives to deliver the best prices for shipping. Here’s the current shipping with tax included prices:

Note: that all prices are for total orders:


Free shipping - 0 €

Rest of the world:

Additionel shipping price per total order - 13.49 €