NOKUKO – Creative Space in an online art store with selected high-quality art and photo prints. NOKUKO is the home of Alan Pedersen -  ALANTHEROCK, Pública Rework & Flying Fuck. We deliver handpicked exclusive art and photo prints from our collaborative connected artists to art & photo enthusiasts across the world. Our focus is on delivering the best uniquely crafted art and photographs filled with thoughts, feelings and passion.

NOKUKO stands for NOrdisk KUnst KØbenhavn(Copenhagen, Denmark). The name emphasizes the origin and essence of where it all began and our concept.
We believe in the best intentions, we love the world and embrace the beauty of its different thoughts, cultures and diversity. Therefore we also continuously help & maintain our beloved planet. Therefore we’ll donate to plant trees for every print sold.
We intend to evoke and intrigue your own spectrum of emotions and feelings, such as curiosity, thoughtfulness and pleasure through our own and connected artists' art, designs and photographs.


Scandinavian art and design are acknowledged worldwide for having a stylish and sophisticated essence and characteristics. We as Scandinavians are proud of this. It’s simply more than art and design - it contains stories and depth and It can best be described as a way of living.

But we want to take it further by offering a wide range of the best well-crafted art and design. Therefore you’ll also find specially handpicked artists from around the globe to follow through on our focus on diversity.

NOKUKO is therefore the home of Alan Pedersen – ALANTHEROCK, Pública Rework & Flying Fuck.

NOKUKO’s mission is for the world to have access to the best art and photo print with ease. We want to bring the world closer to high-quality art, design & photo print from our great artists, designers and photographers and vice versa.

 We're proud to have the opportunity to contribute to the recognition of our talented connected artists



We believe that we all have a responsibility to make the world a better place and contribute to the environment by doing so. We’re heavily focused on that our prints are sustainably produced and that we use eco-friendly resources in developing and producing our products. It’s simply part of our way of doing business to have a green strategy in our DNA and it’s always top priority for further development. We want to develop our business as best as possible for our customers, artists and Mother Nature.

We all have the responsibility to do our best for a better sustainable world.

We also have a social-economic strategy in NOKUKO to give something back. Therefore, we will support social causes such as WWF, Red Cross etc. with selected artworks by donating for example to maintain and plant new trees.


Founder-Alan Pedersen -NOKUKO about.

"NOKUKO is created with the passion for art, photography and the beautiful diversity of it. We want to offer selected high-quality prints to people, who wants more than just prints.

We deliver thoughts, passion, emotions and stories through handpicked exclusive prints."

- Alan Pedersen - Founding Partner of NOKUKO


Remember to visit our collection. In our collection, you'll find a large variety of inspiring masterpieces with several art styles crafted through different methods and sources. It's so much more than prints - it represents thoughts, reflections, feelings, passion and stories.

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