Limited Edition Selection

Some things can only be found in limited supply.

Therefore we introduced our new section for our limited art and photography prints selection. Which are only available at

Not all great things are unlimited. That’s something most people know. To make it easier for you to find our exclusive prints - we have created a section for you find our special limited selection of art and photography. These prints are also only available at NOKUKO - New Nordic Design.

To legitimate our limited editions, every print is numbered and signed to emphasize the uniqueness. You will often find the mark next to the artist’s or photographers signature and shows that this is one out of a certain supply. This is also to be found on the actual product.

The prints are labelled in the online store indicate, that it’s a limited edition and how many prints will be created of this product. After the amount is reached, the product will no longer be produced and sold anymore.

Here are some examples of our current limited edition products



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