Our office - Video clip from our coworking space with Alan, Founder of NOKUKO

Get to know NOKUKO even better in this video from our coworking space, where we’re located.

Our founding partner Alan, briefly gives a reason in this video, why we have chosen this coworking space to be our office among many other creatives and inspiring people.

You'll find us located in a coworking space named ‘Republikken’ in Copenhagen, which is one of the oldest and properly also one of the most diverse entrepreneur community in Copenhagen. Republikken has an international approach and with many wonderful members across many industries and an extremely creative environment. Therefore we consider much beneficial and it all contributes to the development of NOKUKO. Both direct and indirect.

Video from our coworking space


What do Republikken members think about our space, community and neighbourhood?

- source: Republikken video caption.


Alan - Founder of NOKUKO

As mentioned, Alan briefly tells on why among other things, NOKUKO chose Republikken to stay for the creation and development of our online gallery community of selected Nordic artist and photographers.

Republikken has decided to tell our version in Danish to emphasise the diversity, that the members are a mixture of locals and international residents. Roughly translated to English:

“The diversity that exists here helps me both on a business development level, but also contributes to my own personal development plus a personal level in general,” says Alan

This is one of the many reasons, why NOKUKO made the decision to stay in this coworking space.

Note that, if you watch the entire video - you'll also see Alans classic high-five, which he practices a lot.

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