New Meaningful Art from Kongstad Studio


From stretch marks to motherhood - it's all good and we’re all still winners

Areolas, Bellies, Figure, Mom bodies & Stretch marks

It’s the titles of the new amazing creations from Kongstad Studio. It’s fully in line with their mission of spread the appreciation of diversity and challenges the aspects of what’s ideal and perfect. It still contains the powerful and fantastic message, that we’re all great and we’re all winners. It’s more than prints.

  • Areolas - Just like boobies, areolas change throughout life and they look different on every person. Colour, size and shape vary, unlike the fact that there is no right or wrong. Still, there seems to be a belief that they should look a certain way.

  • Bellies - Flat bellies, soft bellies, beer bellies and bloated bellies. Our bellies change over time. Heck, they change from hour to hour. The BELLIES poster celebrates all bellies because beauty takes many forms.

  • Figure - Our bodies carry us through life’s ups and downs and no one is alike. Pretty remarkable. The FIGURE poster is here to remind you that your body is awesome no matter what it might look like no matter how you sit, stand or walk.

  • Mom Bodies - It's no secret that women’s bodies change a lot during and after having a baby. Some bodies more than others of course.

    The MOM BODIES poster illustrates different bodies of motherhood to help you celebrate your own mom body!

    Do you have stretch marks, a soft belly pouch or one boob larger than the other? No worries! #allmombodiesaregoodmombodies

  • Pinky-red and reddish-purple. They can even feel like they’re glowing sometimes. 90% of us have them. Stretch marks. Men, women and everyone in between.

    They are as normal as a tiger’s stripes.

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