More than Prints - Portrait of Kongstad Studio



Our next selected artist story is from Kongstad Studio, which is created by Cecilie Kongstad and her partner in business and life, Tobias Ullersted.

Together, they’re a brilliant team and the thoughts along with the passion behind the art from Kongstad studio is, what the world needs. They want to challenge our perspective of perfection, which seems to exists in most societies throughout the world. Especially when it comes to our perception of body ideals. The message is clear: We are all great, and we are all winners.

".. We focus on diversity, and work consciously to break the taboos associated with body image; e.g. having a body that does not "live up" to the idea of the "perfect body", or having intelligence that cannot be measured by a traditional IQ test..”says Cecilie Kongstad.


..Kongstad Studio sees the collaboration with NOKUKO as an obvious and a fantastic opportunity to reach a broader audience with their positive message. A channel for an audience that they would not otherwise have had contact with. NOKUKO's ambition to support the personal narrative fits perfect with Kongstad Studios, who strive to be in close contact with their customers and plant a winning feeling in them..

We’re delighted and really appreciate that Kongstad wants to be part of NOKUKO. Their art is simply amazing but also needed. It is so much More than Prints. It is Thoughts, Passion, Emotions & Stories.

Click below to find the full portrait of Kongstad Studio plus their full collection, which include brand new and incredible art pieces.

The portrait of Kongstad Studio is available in English or Danish.