More than Prints - Portrait of Brainchild



Our next story comes from Martin Brix Midtgaard, the creator of Brainchild. Martin creates literal interpretations of the Danish design classics and takes the classics back to their source of inspiration and ensures that they are affordable to everyone. This is done in an incredible and inspiring way, but Martin has taken it even further. He has created a stunning figurine of one of his masterpieces, ‘The Egg’.

“It wasn't intended to actually lead to anything. It was more like a way to stimulate my creativity. But then I got the idea to reinterpret the Danish design classics, Egg and Artichoke. I was really caught by the idea, and spend half of the night to create them. They reasoned well on Instagram. My designs were praised by many, who thought they were funny. Several of my acquaintances asked if it was possible to get them as posters," says Martin Brix Midtgaard.


“… I seek to capture the same aesthetic and originality in my interpretations. At the same time, I add humour to my designs. I want to make people smile when they observe them, for instance, the furniture icon 'Swan' illustrated as a living swan"

You can only be inspired and admire his creativity. We’re so delighted, that Brainchild is part of NOKUKO. It is so much More than Prints, also now in a literal way with The Egg figurine. But It’s also Thoughts, Passion, Emotions & Stories.

Click below to find the full portrait of Brainchild & Martin plus his full collection, which has a large variety of outstanding design.

The portrait of Brainchild is available in English or Danish.