More than Prints - Portrait of Liv Ranfelt



As part of our mission to give focus to our connected artists and photographers. We will over the next coming weeks tell their stories. This is also to indicate that we’re selling more than prints. it’s thoughts, passion, emotions and stories.

One of our incredible artists is Liv Ranfelt. Liv is creating more abstract art pieces in a stunning way:

.. Liv Ranfelt expresses herself in an abstract style. "The motifs are abstract, and therefore, the interpretation of them depends on the eyes that perceive them. It is very deliberate. Art must speak to the observer, without a specific clear purpose," says Liv Ranfelt. ..


.. Liv Ranfelt sees the collaboration with NOKUKO as an opportunity to reach a larger audience, and to convey the story and the person behind the art. It gives art a greater authenticity and value, she believes. In addition, she is excited about the vision of making New Nordic Design accessible to everyone, while simultaneously ensuring quality and exclusivity that prevents the art from becoming mainstream…

We’re proud to represent Liv Ranfelt and her tremendous art and that we’re allowed to tell her story. Click below to find the full portrait of Liv Ranfelt

The portrait of Liv Ranfelt is available in English or Danish.