Remember To Love Yourself & Sometimes Take a Break

New artworks from StayCute Illustration encourages to remember your love for yourself and reboot.

picture in bio2019-staycute.jpg


The titles of the new art pieces from StayCute Illustration. StayCute illustration gets her inspiration from the Japanese Kawaii style and brings it into Scandinavian thoughts and design. This time it’s with two relevant topics:

Self-love. Where it can reflect many people, that even though it’s important to be kind and take care of others. It’s also vital to love and take of yourself.

It’s the best kind of medicine and will generate much more positive energy towards others when you feel good about yourself.

Too Many Tabs Open is all about the busy lives, that we all have created. Where most people need to take a break once in a while and simply just disconnect. Let this be a kind reminder.

Find the newest artwork here