Welcome to our exclusive Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK collection.  Here you'll find the original and inspirational art masterpieces plus the spectacular photo work created by Alan Pedersen. 
"Ever since he was a child, Alan Pedersen, also known as Alantherock, has used visual expression as a way to reflect and balance his thoughts. Especially during difficult times, it has been beneficial for him to step into a creative mindset."
This also means, that every single of Alan's artwork has a story and a piece of himself put into it. His art reflects his own life and makes it relatable. It's been created through several techniques, methods, materials and a tremendous amount of thought and feeling. This makes it sometimes a long and more complex process. But it's also what makes it interesting, marvellous and with so much more value.
 Our photo prints are also primarily taken and created by Alan Pedersen - ALANTHEROCK. Alan is undoubtedly well known for his brilliant photos and especially on Instagram under the name: ALANTHEROCK.
We're truly proud that we have the opportunity to offer his work here and only at