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As part of our mission with NOKUKO - More Than Prints. We will continuously introduce selected collaborations with some rising stars from the Nordic countries. This to offer the best & high quality art & photographs to our customers and to give the opportunity our fellow artists and photographers.

We are proud to present these artists & photographers in our online gallery community store.

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Kongstad studio

"When you love yourself and don't judge, you get more energy to help others. Energy to lift them and make them feel like winners. We hope that with our art, we can help to create rings in the water - and plant a healthy and self-loving ideal in our children,”

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Zimino Art is created by Lone Zimino, an autodidact artist, who possesses great given talent. This is shown in her visual expression and art. She’s almost addicted for creating and it gives her a rush, every time the brush touches the canvas. Time, place and every other need seem to disappear when she’s painting. Especially the organic shapes and colours inspire her – which can be found in the beauty of nature. Therefore loves Lone to wake up at the break of dawn and paints outside under the blue sky.

She always strives to learn new techniques and particularly more untraditional techniques, for example, mix the ink with other materials like beeswax and liquid acryl. Simply just to see what happens and explore what lays in the unknown.


Hanne laland

Hanne Lalands art has been exhibited at different art events in Norway, France, Germany and Italy. Her breakthrough came in China in 2017 at the Museum of contemporary art, Beijing.

Hanne Lalands art creations are mix between figurative and abstract. She works on canvas, paper and steel. Her preferred mediums are acrylic, Japanese ink and coal.



“I have the ability to see when a motive is in balance. It can be difficult to find the right balance. Sometimes I have half-finished work standing in the corner at home because I can't find the perfect balance. At other times the process is wild and engrossing - almost manic.”

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"The motifs are abstract, and therefore, the interpretation of them depends on the eyes that perceive them. It is very deliberate. Art must speak to the observer, without a specific clear purpose,"

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“I seek to capture the same aesthetic and originality in my interpretations. At the same time, I add humour to my designs. I want to make people smile when they observe them, for instance, the furniture icon 'Swan' illustrated as a living swan"

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StayCute Illustration

“I hope that those who see my drawings experience the same internal joy and peace that I do when I make them. Everyone’s mind can be a mess. And everyone needs a break from that mess every now and then”

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"My ambition is to design prints that bring joy to the people and places where they are located. And then I intend to make something that breaches with the clean and minimalist interior design that characterises many homes these days..”

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"It really fascinates me to portray the beauty of everyday life. I enjoy showing all the things, that can be difficult to describe with words but reveals itself in a photo,”

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Creative and autodidact freelance artist. He works in a crossfield between graphic design, installation art, and architecture. Has great interests in visual culture, sci-fi, nature and esoterism.

His works are often graphical and are reflections of dreams, and visions.

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“I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to create a platform, NOKUKO, where selected artists who create high-quality art could be involved and encouraged to take part in the creation. I wanted to insure that their art and passion was well rewarded. And my intention was to create a synergy, where the collaboration in promoting exclusive and high-quality art was in focus - a community hub,”

Alan Pedersen(alantherock) is one of the founding partners of NOKUKO

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are you our next?

If you’re an artist or photographer and located in the Nordic countries, then you’re welcome to contact us via the contact form. - We offer to do the prints, You do the art or photos.