As part of our mission with New Nordic Design. We will continuously introduce selected collaborations with some rising stars from the Nordic countries. This to offer the best new Nordic design and quality to our customers and to give the opportunity our fellow artists and photographers.

We are proud to present these artists & photographers in our online gallery hub store.


Kongstad studio

Cecilie and Tobias make up Kongstad Studio and we create posters for winners! We want to make you smile, think and feel like a winner no matter what you look like, who you love or what you do. That is why our designs embody positivity. We believe in diversity, unity and empowerment.

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Behind PlakatOmat you’ll find the graphic designer, Louise Holmegaard Rosendahl. She has a past in the advertisement industry. But now, she primarily creates graphical design and solutions for the interior industry. Where she puts her mark on furniture, textile and wallpaper.

Her posters are inspired by natures structure and materials combined with geometrical shapes.

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The meaning of a word can be barely literally, A word is a word. The Danish furniture classics are inspired and named after specific words. But these classics have become so iconic, that it’s now them we think of when we hear the words. They have overshadowed the original meaning of these words.

Brainchild takes the words literally and follows the design classic back to the original word, where the inspiration came from.  Brainchild sees the original meaning and interprets it with the designer's idea in mind. They automatically compare and doubts -  what is actually the word – and what is the original?

Brainchild means ’an original idea’. It only makes sense to have this name, because THEY take Danish Classics back to the original. This also gives our poster series the name -  Original. Play along!

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Liv Ranfelt is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen. Her art begins when the brush touches the canvas, not with an idea, but with a feeling of presentness. She paints the object as it takes shape in her mind, not as she perceives them with her eyes. She creates graphic, contemporary designs that catch a mood within the soul using a style inspired by the simplicity of a oneliner. She deliberately applies an aesthetic beauty to draw the observer's attention to the main issues and to awaken immediate emotional thoughts and feelings. Visual art seeks to reproduce a sense of momentum or mood through expressive colours. Here art wants to open the eyes to the outside world and thereby expand people's horizons.

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StayCute Illustration

StayCute is focusing on ‘Cuteness’ and ’SelfLove’ inspired by the Japanese kawaii-style. StayCute makes illustrations for both the nursery, living room, kitchen, studenthouse and everyone that just wants a little more cuteness in their everyday. StayCute also does custom illustration on commission as gifts for special events.

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also known as Sara, is working as a graphic designer. She is best known for her creative side with posters and logo design. All this can be seen on her account on Instagram.

Sara has always been very passionate about art and the effect of art. All this comes from her academic background with a diploma degree in Visual Fashion Communication.

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Oliver is a talented photographer. He has always been fascinated by the art of photography and it’s one of his great passions. He strives to capture the moment and atmosphere in one picture and with great results. Especially the encounter with magnificent nature inspires him a lot.

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Creative and autodidact freelance artist. He works in a crossfield between graphic design, installation art, and architecture. Has great interests in visual culture, sci-fi, nature and esoterism.

His works are often graphical and are reflections of dreams, and visions.

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Mikkel Fjelstrup Nielsen founded ASK Living together with his brother Jesper in 2016, and is the creative director of the company. Putting pen to paper has been a passion for Mikkel from an early age. Over time doodling became more ambitious and designing became a way of life and a way of understanding the world.

ASK Living is one of the founding partners of NOKUKO - New Nordic Design

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Alantherock or just Alan has always been fascinated by visual content. He’s best known from is inspiring Instagram account. He has a strong creative side, which is reflected by his experiences in life and his passions for photography, travel and graphic arts. This has taken him around the world and even to a television appearance, where he gave tips about nature photography.

Alantherock is one of founding partners of NOKUKO - New Nordic Design.

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are you our next?

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