What's Nokuko?

NOKUKO is an online gallery hub for New Nordic Design posters. We deliver New Nordic Design to people with a passion for art, photoart & design across the world. We have focused on delivering quality design from upcoming artists or rising stars in the Nordic countries and help our portfolio for a chance in the world's spotlight. We will continuously introduce new art, photoart and design for people with interest for this.

NOKUKO is short for NOrdisk KUnst KØbenhavn. The name New Nordic Design symbolizes the origin and essence of our concept. Nokuko creates and delivers New Scandinavian and Nordic design and photoart. It is a cooperation between ASK Living® and Alantherock®. We intend to evoke your own spectre of emotions, such as joy and curiosity, through Scandinavian minimalism and Nordic design in general.

Mission and vision

Scandinavian design and art is acknowledged worldwide for its stylish and sophisticated essence. We as Scandinavians are proud of the great design and what it stands for. It’s more than just design or art and it can best be described as a way of living.

Nokuko’s mission is for the world to have access to New Nordic or Scandinavian art and design with ease. We want the world to see new Scandinavian art design and vice versa, we also want to give upcoming Nordic artists a better chance of being noticed outside their local borders. Therefore, we will introduce selected upcoming artist as guest artists in our gallery. We're proud that we have the opportunity to contribute to the recognition of other artists.

it's Our responsibility

We believe that we all have a responsibility for making the world a better place and contribute to the environment by doing so. Therefore, our art is sustainably produced and we use eco-friendly resources in developing and producing our art products. 

We also have a social economic strategy in Nokuko to give something back. Therefore, we will support social causes such as WWF, Red Cross etc. with selected artworks.


The People behind Nokuko



Alan is best known for his creative side with photos and graphic design on several visual platforms, especially his account on Instagram. Alan has always been very passionate about photography, graphic art and the general effect of visuality, although it's kind of far from his academic background with a diploma degree in international business.

Alantherock® is a personal brand, which focuses on visual material, the sale of this and the use of Instagram.


Nokuko is founded with a united passion and interest for art and the diversity of it. It's sounds cliché, but it's actually the case.  Nokuko is a cooperation between ASK Living®. and Alantherock®. Together, we have united our forces to create and deliver art to the world.


ASK Living®

Passion for people. Jesper is one of the brothers of ASK Living®. Mikkel is the artist, Jesper handles the rest. Jesper likes building people and organisations.

ASK Living® is a Danish design company with passion for people.

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